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Georgia MUST Lead the United States in the Green Energy Revolution

Industries in Georgia affect the climate and environment around the globe. We must protect Georgia’s ecosystems and invest in solar and wind energy production now.

Democracy Requires Investment to Protect Our Right to Vote

Guaranteeing the right to vote requires investment in our voting infrastructure, including vote-by-mail, and adequate training & equipment for our pollworkers.

Bring Our Education Standards Into the New Millennia

American education must be brought to the present to prepare our youth for the world they will be entering and must be accessible and equitable for everyone.

Confederate Monuments Don’t Belong On Public Lands

Reid has the experience fighting to memorialize our local state history with public arts projects that are respectful of everyone and that our entire community can be proud of and unite behind.

Our Justice System Must Work for the People

We fight for common-sense reforms such as ending the cannabis prohibition and holding state violence accountable to improve relationships between police and the communities they serve.

Redefine Childcare & Fight Gender Wage Gap

Women’s Reproductive Rights, Paid Family Leave, Birth Control, Universal Pre-K, and the Equal Rights Amendment will undefine the American woman, redefine child care, and take direct action to tackle the gender wage gap.

Health Care is a Human Right & Georgia Must Expand Medicaid NOW!

Nobody should ever feel like they can’t receive the care that they need. I will fight to expand state health funding to prevent the trend of rural hospital closures and so Georgia never have to experience a pandemic response like this again.

Correctional Control is Out of Control in Georgia

Georgians deserve better than than the highest rate of probation and correctional control in the nation, twice as big as any other state, which disproportionately affects young men and communities of color. Our plan for Georgia will end for-profit probation and cash bail companies.

Abolish Prison Labor & Reduce Recidivism

Private prisons and the use of prison labor must be outlawed to respect our incarcerated communities with basic human rights and prevent abuse from our system. Restoring nonviolent felons’ voting rights will encourage civic contribution and reduce recidivism.